Skating Lessons

Registration Dates

                Residents Only     General Public

Session    Online 9:00 am    Online 9:00 am        Class Dates

     1                       Sept. 17th                          Sept. 18th                     Sept. 29th – Nov. 9th 

     2                       Oct. 29th                            Oct. 30th                       Nov. 10th - Dec. 21st.

     3                       Dec. 17th                            Dec. 18th                     Jan. 3rd - Feb. 5th

     4                       Jan. 28th                             Jan. 29th                      Feb. 7th - March 19th

     5                       March 11th                          March 12th                   March 21st - May 5th

     6                       April 22nd                            April 23rd                     May 3rd - June 16th

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for any remaining spaces will begin the day after General Public registration and can be made in person at the ice rink or by contacting the Skating School Director, Alana Kelton at or call (914) 834-1069 ext. 3.

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Kids in Skate School

Click here to begin Online Registration

If you have registered for ice skating lessons with us within the past 2 years and provided a valid email address, then you will automatically be in our online system. Use the email address submitted to us as your “User Name” and use your zip code as the “Password” for first time entry into the system.

Residents, who have not registered with us within the past 2 years or are brand new to our programs, will be unable to register online at this time. In order to pay resident rates, you will be required to register in person at the Town of Mamaroneck Recreation office to establish a household account and verify your residency. Two acceptable proofs of current residency in the form of a driver’s license and utility bill will be required at this time. A household account will then be created for you for future online registrations. Non Residents, registering for the first time will be able to “Create an Account” and register on-line. Please allow 1 – 2 business days for your household account to be approved. Please ensure that the Date of Birth and Grade Level are listed correctly when registering each member. You will not be able to change them once entered.

Please take note that all online transactions will be charged a Convenience Fee. There will be a 3.5% convenience fee applied for credit cards and a 1.75% convenience fee applied for debit cards (minimum transaction fee of $1.99). This is a separate charge from CardX, a third party processor and will be reflected on your credit card statement and not your receipt.

About the Ice Skating Institute

The Ice Skating Institute is the organization, which supports the development and operation of ice rinks and provides recreational ice skating programs in the United States.

What Do You Get?
​- $3,000 excess Accident Insurance
​- Personalized Membership Card
​- Recreational Ice Skating magazine (4 issues each year, 1 subscription per family)
​- Test Registration and Patches
​- Opportunities to perform locally and nationally
​- Access to skating manuals and brochures

Learn to Skate
Group lessons for ages 4 though adult (beginner to advanced) ISI (Ice Skating Institute) Badge Program will continue this season. Testing will be done in the fifth week for those students ready to advance and are members of ISI.

Private Lessons
Private Lessons are available by appointment, contact Skating Director at Hommocks Rink by email or phone at 914-834-1069 ext. 3.